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Welcome To Medicoccina Central Clinic.

What is Medicoccina?

Medico + Coccina = Medico (Doctor) Coccina (Kitchen), It means the kitchen is your first doctor. By these words, our AIM is to educate each and everyone about the kitchen ingredients by which they can heal and cure themselves without taking any medicine in the world. It is an Instant Restorative (Restore Your Life) Solution.


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You Have To Choose Us. Why?

Medicoccina natural Ancestral center is set up with the mission of delivering superior quality of personal care in managing day-to-day problems related to physical health and fitness. Through our commitment to providing excellent care, we improve the quality of lives of the people and raise the standards of healthy life.

Fenugreek Therapy

Medicoccina is a natural Indian Ancestral center with world-class manual Fenugreek therapy skills. Medicoccina plays a pioneering role in introducing advanced Natural Fenugreek Ancestral treatment as per scientific standards.

Instant Restorative Center

Treat yourself to Instant Relief for your acute and chronic problems from your Kitchen only. For which you have to continue our consultation until it is 100% cured.

Herbalist Saurabh Patel

A Dedicated Herbalist You Can Trust​

Herbalist Saurabh Patel at Medicoccina promises to achieve the greatest level of patient service through his commitment to patients. Herbalist Saurabh Patel can provide you with the best treatment available in the field of Fenugreek  Therapy.